Bludit AMP

First of all, I hope you liked my plugin.
It makes possible to embed AMP page support in any Bludit installation.
It is based on a template from
The template name is -> Simple Blog.
I removed some things from it and left the most necessary and useful to the eye.
You can check the validity of the page from Google.
All you need is to enable plugin, you can check your amp support just by adding "?amp" to the end of page url.
Example for this page.

Validity test tool

Validity test

The first reason why I started coding it is because, as you know, it creates more relevant queries for your site in the mobile search engine, and given that 60~70% of the mass of people visit the Internet via phone, this is a huge plus for your traffic.
In general, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a Google project. I'm a supporter of Yandex because they have turbo pages that are configured as normal RSS feeds with some small additions, they perform the same function and do not need to go into the code.
Most people are supporters of Google :D, so for the sake of traffic, you have to do something.

I'll be happy if you write your ideas in the comment section or push improvements in the code on Github.
I will try to improve and add some features over time, if the time won't get over me.
Tell me about bugs you met.

I wish you good health and inspiration. Cheers

Dog for your happiness
And a dog for your happiness

by Orchardman

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