Can you trust

In today's article, I will try not to go into details and scold any product with evil words.
I would like to tell you what I learned while watching the review platform.

The very first thing I want to say is that the product turned out to be nationally connected, the team of editors and authors is often people from Europe.

When you go to the main page, you see this:

Home page

There are no complaints about the design, everything is clean and pleasant to the eye.
There are even reviews about VPN, Antiviruses, Password Managers, Web hosting.
You can find useful articles to quickly understand the essence of products.

But the attitude to quality and the tendency to benefit do not always correspond to each other.

In general, they do not like cloud services that do not provide functionality for affiliates, what they say:

"As you can imagine, this system (affiliate links), which is used by many websites, has come under a lot of criticism from consumers. It’s accused of slanting reviews and rankings toward certain providers, engendering bias and generally making things worse for people looking to buy stuff."

This is why there are no article updates and good reviews for some cloud storage services, just because there is no earning offer from referrals.
There are a few very high-quality cloud storage services that has been muddied and forgotten, you can check it out by yourself.

I will not list them here.

And here is the answer to our question:

No, you can't, so that's why I want to draw your attention to the fact that you should never believe what they write.
Always check the negative arguments against companies for validity.